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Car title loans are meant for folks with cash problems, someone who wants to manage debt, deal with an emergency, or pay bills.

Anyone that owns a vehicle or at least some part of it can quickly obtain a title loan. The entire procedure can be completed fast, easy, and without any excessive paperwork or documents.

Before we go into the specifics of title loans and how to get the best possible deal, we need to explain a few basic things about title loans and what they are all about.

Car Title Loans 101

Car title loans are usually small and secured loans in which a vehicle is used as collateral. Typically, the car title loans range from just $100 to $5000. The loan amount is usually in the range from 25% to 50% of the vehicle's value.

Although these loans are known as car title loans, they also apply to other vehicles as well, including motorcycles and trucks.

Most title car loans come with an agreement in which the borrower is obligated to return the loan in just 15 or 30 days.

Another thing that many people don’t realize about automobile title loans is that they don’t need to have the rights of the vehicle in full. They can still get a loan even if they just some equity in it.

The Roadmap to Best Auto Title Loans

Auto title loans are not cheap, and that's a fact. Another thing is that not all companies offer the same terms, fees, and interest rates. There can be a huge difference between various car title loans. That’s why it is imperative to find the cheapest options featuring the best possible terms.

Online Title Loans

Title loans can be obtained both in brick & mortar places of business or online. In both cases, the potential borrower is asked to fill out an application form. Also, the application is a rather short one, and you can carry out the whole process in just a few minutes.

Another common thing is that the approval process is quite fast. The only thing that requires some patience is the money transfer, which is typically completed within the same day.

What makes online title loans better is the travel part. You can make the application from the comfort of your home or wherever you might be. All one needs is a device that can run an online browser, an internet connection, and some free time.

That means there is no need to drive yourself there, spend some time in their offices, and then drive yourself back - all that can potentially take hours of your time.

Furthermore, if you want to check as many offers as possible, you will need to drive to at least a few places. That translates into spending plenty of time and costly car fuel.

Therefore, the logical conclusion is to go with the online option. Online title loans can be obtained faster, and there is no need to drive yourself there physically.Plus, you can check the terms and conditions with plenty of borrowers before making your final decision.

The Benefits of car title loans online

As mentioned earlier, car title loans online are way more convenient. Here are all the benefits of car title loans online and why most people often call them easy title loans.

  • Anyone with a vehicle is qualified for one. The only issue is the amount one can get. In that case, the more valuable the vehicle, the higher the loan amount will be.
  • The borrower’s credit rating is not a factor. The car is collateral, which provides enough security for the lender. The borrower may have the worst credit rating, and he or she can still get the loan.
  • The borrower can get his money on the same day.That’s by any standards pretty fast.
  • The entire process is completed online and easy. Once the borrower completes the application, there isn’t much to be done from his/her behalf, but wait.

How to identify the best title loans?

Many folks think that just by Googling “car title loans completely online," they will find the best title loans online. Truth is a query such as “car title loans completely online” will reveal a ton of great companies.

But that doesn't necessarily mean the ones that are ranked highest are best, or it excludes them from being one of the best. It only means that search engines rank them highest. But then again, if it were some shady service, search engines like Google and Bing wouldn't rank them that high.

What’s best is to look at all of those online services like prospects. The idea is to evaluate and choose the one that offers the lowest interest rates, low fees, and the best possible terms & conditions.

Here’s our step-by-step guide on how to identify the best ones.

Step #1 - Make a list

First of all, you need to find the ones that serve your area. A simple online search such as “car titles near me" should be enough to reveal most local borrowers. It is essential to mention your area in your query because you might come across companies that don't serve your region.

Step #2- Eliminate the shady ones

This is about trimming that list from the bottom up. Don't waste your time with companies whose websites look like they haven't been updated since the early 90s. If they look like that, then it is very likely they are not worth considering.

Also, make sure that they got all the licenses and permits to operate legally. If you can’t find them anywhere on their website, nor they provide information about their legal entity, simply move on. There is a good chance you are looking at some type of scam.

Step #3 Check user reviews

Nowadays, everything and anything is reviewed. Websites like Yelp are about user reviews and what people think about specific services or products. Then there are Google and Facebook that have their review systems. On top of that, there are online forums and blogs where people speak about their experiences.

Car title loans are also subject to many reviews. Thanks to that, you can find reviews basically for all companies on your list.

Again, you start from the bottom up and eliminate the ones with the lowest rating. Eliminate any companies with one and two-star reviews. That should further shorten your list.

Step #4 Fees and interest rates

The rule here is quite simple - the lower, the better. That goes for both fees and interest rates. Especially pay attention to those “too good to be true” type of offers. Many of them probably don’t show all the fees in their initial offer. However, they will become quite vivid once you sign the contract loan.

That is why it is essential to be meticulous and make sure that you take into account everything. Avoiding companies that don't offer transparent fees and interest rates is always a smart move.

As a direct result of this, you will not be just able to trim your list, but to make some sense at the top of your list. The ones with the lowest fees and interest rates should be and will be at the very top.

That way, you will have a list of companies whose fees and interest rates are almost identical. But at this point, you will probably be looking at a maximum of a dozen or fewer companies.

Step #5 Make the call

The last step is to make a selection. One final criterion can be checking out their customer support. Some of them offer phone support, while others offer chat support. It is wise to reach out to their agents and talk to them for a bit. That way, you can have a feel of how they conduct their business and deal with their customers.

The best ones show the utmost respect for each of their clients and value the business they bring. Then some don’t have that attitude and are less enthusiastic about your interest. That alone should make the final choice much easier.

When Shouldn't You Consider a Car Title Loan?

In all fairness, it also needs to be mentioned that car title loans are not for everyone and for every occasion when cash is needed. The interest rates and the fees are simply too high to push for one blindly. In this part, we will discuss when you shouldn’t get a car title loan.

  • You don’t need the cash right away: If you can wait for a while, you might consider other options. We will talk about them later in this post.
  • Your credit rating is not too bad: Standard bank loans come with significantly lower interest rates and fees. But also keep in mind that some banks take their time to get your loan approved.
  • Your income is not regular: That means you are putting your car at a very high risk of being repossessed. It will be a pity to lose your car for just a couple of hundred dollars or even a thousand dollars.
  • You have friends or relatives that might lend you the money: That means there will be no fees, and probably not much interest. Plus, they won’t make a big fuss if you are late a day or two paying off your loan. Therefore, before you make your application, consider if you have someone in your life that can help you out with your cash problem.
  • You got some stuff lying around the house that you don't use and that hold some value: Nowadays, there is a market for everything and anything. Most sales are online and can be concluded fast online. Again, it may be a shortcut for some quick money without the risk of losing your car or paying huge interest rates.

Alternatives to car title loans

If you don't want to risk your car or you are not sure about the option of a car title loan, then you have some other options at your disposal. The interest rate and the duration of each option varies. However, most of them will take the stress from your shoulders.

Personal Loans

This is the first and most-sought-after alternative of better title loans. You can get personal loans from creditor unions and banks. The era of the internet also allows you to get a loan from online lenders.

Since the personal loans don’t require anything as collateral, the lenders will consider your income and credit score. If your income is steady, then it is a better option.

Credit card advances

Credit card advances also allow you to borrow money without paying much interest. If you are looking for a one-time loan, it's a great option to consider. However, it gets risky if it gets over your head. Just ensure you have a plan and keep an eye on the fees.

Credit unions and Banks

Credit unions and banks provide you short-term loans, offering better options compared to title loans. Keep in mind that you take loans from small banks as big ones might reject your applications.

Borrow from relatives

This should ideally be your first option. Don’t hesitate to borrow money from your friends or friends. They won’t even ask you to return the money with interest in some cases.

Final Words

At first, this mini-guide might appear like handsful and that it might much of your time. But, that’s not the case, as all this can be done from any place and at any time. Whether you are riding the subway, chilling at home, or on your office break, you can start looking into all this. Plus, you can do it on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or Laptop.

Another thing to keep in mind is the alternative - driving yourself to their places of business. That can take much longer, and you will need to spend some money on fuel.

Not to mention that some crafty salesmеn or saleswomеn can convince you to get a car title loan under unfavorable conditions.

The main point is to follow our guidelines and don't make rash decisions. Just by doing so, you will be able to make a selection based on facts and numbers. Facts and numbers that will help you land a good deal on your car title loan.

Don't waste your time! Get a Loan Online
Don't waste your time! Get a Loan Online